HOT HOT HOT Korean Men Part Two

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HOT HOT HOT Korean Men Part One

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When I get ready to take a photo,I see lighting and textures and contrasts between shadowing and light.While I can take the best generic pictures,every now and again, a photo comes along that even makes my heart a flutter.

I can take 100 photos,but maybe one or two or even three will turn out the way I consider to be beautiful.I do not aim for perfection in photography.What I want to present is a true quality of the subject I am photographing and so I tend not to over process the pictures I take,but let the picture do the talking.

There are two that I have taken today that I really like.It is these

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For every woman who feels less than they should.For every woman who thinks they are not beautiful.For every woman who thinks that she lacks the power and strength.For every woman who does not feel comfortable in their own skin..WATCH THIS AD please

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Oh my…..yes please

Oh my…..yes please

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Dance More

Dance More

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